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M.Sc. (Master of Science)
3 Semester

Das Studium

Digital transformation, continuous change and ever-shorter innovation cycles present tourism companies and tourism organisations with complex and demanding challenges. These challenges have a considerable impact on the necessary skills and knowledge required by successful tourism managers: they need to think strategically in order to be able to respond to changes in the tourism industry and to initiate change processes; they need to think as socially conscious entrepreneurs and be open-minded. The Master Tourism and Change at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons has responded to these challenges and offers an innovative study programme incorporating general management and tourism specific modules. Prepare yourself for leadership positions in the tourism and service industries.

The tourism sector is currently experiencing considerable change. On the one hand, the sector faces increasing competition particularly due to new business models. On the other hand, changing consumer demands due to new markets and demographic change, new technologies as well as immediate and long-term environmental crises are the current challenges for the tourism sector. These changes require a strategic approach to the future development of tourism.

The course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of tourism from a strategic perspective. This will allow you to recognise potential opportunities and associated risks in technological, social and environmental change and to define and implement the necessary actions to turn challenges into opportunities.
Dr. Jan Mosedale Director of Studies

Berufsbild und Karrierechancen

The tourism industry is subject to a pronounced dynamics of change, which requires strategic thinking and the utmost professionalism at all levels. Required are graduates who not only have profound knowledge in their respective fields, but who understand tourism in an international context and are able to devise appropriate strategies for the future.

The Major Tourism and Change provides this expertise and thus prepares graduates for the tourism labour market, either as responsible employees at middle management level in larger tourism businesses or as consultants. As a graduate of the Major Tourism and Change, you will also have the necessary strategic knowledge in tourism to assess the potential of tourism, for example in destination management or regional development, and to be able to harness its impacts.

The interdisciplinary approach of the Master Tourism and Change opens up a broad range of employment opportunities for graduates in destination management, tour operation, hotel management, tourism marketing and public relations and consultancy but some graduates also focus on the business administration part of the programme to gain employment outside of the tourism sector.

Studienplan und Studienschwerpunkte

The Master of Science in Business Administration with Major in Tourism and Change comprises four main module categories: modules in the Major Tourism and Change, in general management, in research methods, as well as research projects. In addition to content, the focus is on developing of personal and social skills, especially strategic, decision-making and project management skills.

Finally, the master thesis provides you with the opportunity to create a distinctive profile and allows you to strategically position yourself for management level positions. The current master thesis brochure gives you an impression of possible topics for your thesis.

Aufnahme und Zugangsvoraussetzungen

Admission requirements
You must meet the following requirements for admission to the Master of Science in Business Administration with Major in Tourism and Change at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons. Please contact us if you have any questions about the admission requirements. We will be happy to help you.

Do you have one of the following diplomas?
A bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma in tourism or other related subject from a university or university of applied sciences

Do you have a good knowledge of English and fulfil one of the following conditions?

  • Certificate that proves you have a good knowledge of the English language
  • Previous studies undertaken in English
  • English is your mother tongue

Tuition fees
There is a one-off enrolment fee of CHF 300, which is deducted from the tuition fee for the first semester. If you do not take up the offer of a place on the programme, the enrolment fee will be forfeited.

The tuition fee per semester is CHF 960 for students with Swiss citizenship or the Principality of Liechtenstein citizenship. The tuition fee per semester for all other students is CHF 1,550.

Foreign students who have resided in Switzerland for at least two years before the start of their studies and who are financially independent and not in education may be able to benefit from the reduced tuition fee of CHF 960. The reduced tuition fee has to be reviewed and approved by the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons on the basis of documentation provided by the students.

Students not from Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein, the European Union or the European Free Trade Association are charged a deposit of CHF 2,700.

The tuition fees do not include textbooks, travel, food or accommodation in connection with field trips, multiday seminars and the bachelor thesis.

You will need a suitably powerful laptop (Windows recommended).

Place of study
The taught modules of the study programme are held in Chur, Switzerland. Individual events may take place in other locations and will be communicated in good time.

Sprachangebot und Auslandssemester

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An international exchange may prove an asset for your personal development. Analyse tourism in a different and international context and learn a new language at the same time. We maintain a network of universities worldwide and can help you organise a semester abroad with our partners.

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Did you know? Tourism is Switzerland's pride. Destinations like St. Moritz, Zermatt and Gstaad already intrigued international visitors in the 19th century. However, the locals learnt fast that the natural beauty alone would not do it in the end. Long before the term 'location marketing' was created, they got James Bond to promote skiing in major movies. Later they created events like the Montreux Jazz Festival or the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, which attract visitors, business people and celebrities from all over the world. Today, Switzerland is a dynamic tourism destination that has learnt how to reinvent tourism in its urban centres and alpine playgrounds.


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