Master of Advanced Studies in Nutrition and Health (MAS)

ETH Zürich
City, country:
Zurich, Zurich area, Switzerland
Fulltime and parttime
MAS (Master of Advanced Studies)
2 semester(s)


Natural scientists are offered an advanced education that gives a broad overview on aspects of food and nutrition, their influence on health, and their potential for prevention of diseases. This also includes in-depth knowledge in physiology of eating, nutrition related toxicology, nutrigenomics as well as research methodologies related to nutrition.

MAS ETH NH graduates are trained to distinguish and understand problems of nutrition while continuing to work in the field of expertise. Depending on this field of expertise, jobs can be expected in nutrition research, nutrition teaching, nutrition journalism and different section of the food industry.
Prof. Dr. med. M. Zimmermann Programme Management

Job description and target group

  • General: Nutrition research at university; nutrition teaching at different levels; nutrition journalism.
  • Public Health Area: Position in governmental or non-governmental organizations detecting and monitoring nutrition related health problems; designing and implementing health strategies; providing information related to nutrition and health.
  • Food Industry: Position in nutrition research or product development to design food with health benefit.
  • Pharmacy: Consulting customers on nutrition and nutrition related diseases.
Target group
  • Graduates with a master's degree or equivalent in natural science
  • Medical doctors and pharmacists


  • Nutrition and Chronic Disease
  • Nutrition of different Population Groups
  • International Nutrition/ Food Fortification
  • Nutrition Case Studies
  • Epidemiology and Prevention
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Nutritional Aspects of Food Composition and Processing
  • Selected Topics in Physiology related to Nutrition
  • Nutrition and Performance
  • Research Methodology in Nutrition
  • Theory and Practice of Nutritional Science
  • Nutrient Analysis of Foods
  • Food Toxicology
  • Physiology of Eating*
  • Gentechnology in Foods*
  • Food Fermentation Biotechnology*
  • Problems and Solutions in Food Microbiology*
  • Quality Assurance*
  • Immunology*
  • Fermented Milk Products*
  • Food Law and Legislation*

Admission/Entrance requirements


  • CHF 11'160 for the complete programme
Admission requirements
  • Master of Science or an equivalent university degree
  • English: C1; German: A1
Programme duration
  • Full-time study during 2 semesters
  • Part-time study over 3 or 4 semesters

Languages and semester abroad

Sprache verpflichtend:
German, English
semester abroad:
not possible

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