CAS Digital Forensics & Cyber Investigation Advanced

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CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies)
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The digital transformation of society is affecting crime, criminals and criminal investigation. The Digital Forensics & Cyber Investigation continuing education program at BFH was created to address new education demands for skilled digital forensic and cyber investigators. The CAS Digital Forensics & Cyber Investigation Advanced provides you with extensive technical digital forensic knowledge and skills to perform analysis of file systems, operating systems, applications, and computer memory.

Crime scenes are also changing. With the growth of cybercrime, crime scenes are becoming virtual, global, and multi-jurisdictional. Investigating a trans-national cyber crime scene requires investigative tools to remotely gather information, and also collaboration between entities in both the public and private sectors.

Modern physical crime scenes have a comprehensive set of digital evidence sources. In addition to PCs and notebooks, digital evidence traces can be found in mobiles, IoT devices, automobiles, smart control systems, data stored with cloud providers, and distributed on servers across the Internet. With the increase in digital and online payment systems, financial transactions are also becoming an important digital evidence source, especially in financially motivated crimes.
Prof. Dr. Bruce Nikkel CAS supervisor

Target Audience

The CAS Digital Forensics & Cyber Investigation Advanced is built on the CAS Digital Forensics Fundamentals CAS, and designed for two groups of professionals:
  • Experienced forensic investigators who want to increase their technical skills in digital forensics and cyber investigations.
  • Experienced engineers and technicians who want to transition into the field of digital forensics and cyber investigations.


The individual modules make up this programme are described below.
  • File system Analysis
  • Operating System Artifact Analysis
  • Application and Media File Artifact Analysis
  • Memory Forensics

Objectives and Skills

This continuing education program practical learning objectives. Students completing the CAS Digital Forensics & Cyber Investigation Advanced will understand the fundamental concepts of modern digital forensics. They will have the skills to collect and analyze digital evidence from a variety of sources and have the ability to conduct basic cyber investigations.

This will prepare students for career opportunities in a variety of organizations:
  • Law enforcement - Federal agencies, KAPOs
  • Military and government - CERTs, cyber-troops
  • Finance industry - fraud/cybercrime investigation teams
  • Insurance industry - cyber insurance claims investigation
  • Large enterprises - security and incident response teams
  • Consultancy and audit - e-Discovery, accounting, «Big Four»
  • IT security service providers and product vendors
  • Private boutique digital forensic and investigation firms

Entrance requirements

A university degree and practical experience are usually required. People with a high vocational training can apply provided they have sufficient professional experience and prior scientific and methodological knowledge.

CHF 7500.-

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