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Zürich, Zurich area, Switzerland
CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies)
5 months


The global luxury business has seen constant growth over the last few decades. But what is luxury? And what will be considered luxurious in the future? Many key drivers in different macro-environmental spheres have an impact on what people crave and what their status symbols are in different cultural contexts.

Many industries (including health care, wealth management, private insurance, hospitality, transportation, tourism, furniture, design, architecture, jewelry, timepieces, fashion, and accessories) have a top segment offering luxury products and experiences. The ever-changing nature of luxury and luxury consumption requires such companies to constantly adapt while at the same time safeguarding the identity and superior value of their brands in the eyes of the customers.

This part-time Certificate of Advanced Studies program will help you to immerse yourself into the mechanics of successful luxury management, enhance your specific strategic capabilities, and provide you with a recognized academic qualification from an internationally accredited institution.

Target Audience

The CAS in Luxury Management program introduces professionals in this field and those with an interest in the inner workings of the luxury business to the fundamentals of luxury management in the 21st century. The course focuses on participants who are new to the field, already working with luxury/premium goods, considering a next career move, or planning to start an own company in the luxury sector.


  • The participants will acquire a sound understanding of modern luxury management and of the broader macro-environmental context that will shape the luxury business of the future.
  • The participants  will  gain a broader perspective on luxury as a social phenomenon and a driver of many different business models, learn about the significance of luxury for culture, society, and the economy.
  • The participants will learn about the key drivers of change in the business of luxury and learn how to react in an environment marked by digitalization, globalization, multiculturalism, millennials, and immaterialization.
  • The participants will gain an understanding of the buying behavior and expectations of (new) luxury goods customers in different cultural contexts and the consequences in terms of luxury strategy, marketing, and business models.
  • The participants develop a sound business model or concept for an existing or new luxury product or experience, based on the academic and practical content of the program.


The CAS is composed of the modules:
  • Module 1: Strategies in the Luxury Market: Basics
  • Module 2: Strategies in the Luxury Market: In-Depth Analysis & Trends
The first course module includes an introduction to luxury, the luxury brand & luxury strategy, as well as to entrepreneurship and customer experience in this very particular field.

The second course module focuses on the in-depth analysis of main trends and topics such as Luxury Craft & Design, Application of Strategies, Mindful Luxury and Cultural Aspects of Luxury.

During the Study Trip to a European Luxury Capital, the company visits and the workshops, additional insights are conveyed by industry experts and luxury professionals.


CHF 9'600.00. The program fee of CHF 9,600 includes all course materials, company visits, as well as accomodation (3 nights) during the study trip including local transportation costs. Not included are the individual expenses of the participants for the travel to/from the companies as well as to/from the destination of the study trip.


Applicants need to be graduates of universities or universities of applied sciences and have at least three years of professional experience. Professionals without a university degree may be admitted on merit, subject to at least five years of professional experience and corresponding continuing education qualifications, such as from a college of professional education and training (höhere Fachschule) or a federal vocational and professional education and training certificate/diploma (eidg. Fachausweis/ Diplom). Admission decisions are made by the Head of Program.


  • Campus ZHAW School of Management and Law, Winterthur / Zurich.
  • Study Trip to a European Luxury Capital.


The CAS Luxury Management is characterized by methodological diversity. In addition to lectures, exercises, workshops,  company visits and work on practical case studies, great importance is put on the exchange with industry experts. Both modules are structurally similar: they each consist of two blocks of 3 days each (total of 6 days per module). Each module is concluded with an assignment.


Part-time Course: The Course will take place on Thursday / Friday and Saturday, from 08.45 am – 5.15 pm.
The Study Trip will take place from Thursday – Saturday, recommended time of arrival is Wednesday evening. As the course is held in English, a good knowledge of English /spoken and written is a prerequisite.

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