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Corporate Communication is the management of public communication with the stakeholders of a company. The media plays a crucial role as multipliers among them. But communication with other stakeholders such as employees, customers and shareholders is equally as important. Particularly in times of intense observation and transparency, supported by the Internet and especially social media, PR and corporate communication provide important prerequisites for the success of a company.

The course will teach you the professional and methodical knowledge and competences you need to work as in Public Relations. After you have finished the course, you will be prepared to manage an organization's public communication.

Job description and job opportunities

The specialization in Corporate Communication Management is designed for working men and women with little or no prior knowledge in Public Relations who need a

  • short and comprehensive,
  • high-quality and state-authorized
  • post-secundary part-time

education program at ISCED Level 4/EQF Level 5 in order to make new career opportunities accessible, increase their occupational mobility, secure their current employment, or return to work after parental leave.


Corporate Communication Core Modules (mandatory)

  • Public Relations
  • News Releases
Corporate Communication Electives (6 SP minimum)
  • News Conferences
  • Crisis PR
  • Performance Measurement and Evaluation
  • Investor Relations
  • Business and Trade Journalism
Management Electives (10 SP minimum)
  • General Management
  • HR Management
  • Organization
  • Marketing
  • Management Theories
  • Special Areas of Management
  • Case Studies
  • etc.
Project Thesis in PR/Communication Management

Admission/Entrance requirements

Number of participants max.:
Number of applicants:

Tuition Fees - Save money and invest in yourself:

Regular payment plan:

  • 12 monthly installments of USD 160.00 / EUR 144.00 / GBP 112.00
  • Total USD 1,920.00 / EUR 1,728.00 / GBP 1,344.00
  • Per additional Study Point (exceeding 24 SP): USD 4.00 / EUR 3.60 / GBP 2.80
Extended payment plan:
  • 24 monthly installments of USD 87.50 / EUR 78.75 / GBP 61.25
  • Total: USD 2,100.00 / EUR 1,890.00 / GBP 1,470.00
  • Per additional Study Point (exceeding 24 SP): USD 2.00 / EUR 1.80 / GBP 1.40
Shortened payment plan:
  • 6 monthly installments of USD 300.00 / EUR 270.00 / GBP 210.00
  • Total: USD 1,800.00 / EUR 1,620.00 / GBP 1,260.00
  • Per additional Study Point (exceeding 24 SP): USD 8.00 / EUR 7.20 / GBP 5.60
Entry Requirements:
  • Very good English skills
  • High school graduation or secondary school graduation
  • A computer or tablet and an email address

3 to 24 months, depending on your learning progress.


As a graduate of the specialization "Certified PR Professional (CPRP) " you will receive a certificate (without grades) and a report card (with grades). The course is classified as ISCED Level 4 and EQF Level 5. The program has a state authorization: ZFU No. 7292015.


  • In this online course, you study your chosen modules online—according to your own schedule.
  • For each module, you take an online assignment/exam at any time.
  • You can always contact your tutors if you have questions.
  • In the online colloquia, you can discuss and exchange thoughts with both your tutors and fellow students.
  • In the discussion forums and with the networking tool, you can connect with your fellow students and form learning groups.
  • At the end of your course, you can work on your project thesis (optional). Here, you methodically solve a practical management problem in the transportation industry using your gained knowledge. Your tutor will provide advice, supervision and extensive feedback on your thesis.

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The Open School of Management (OSM) is an international business school. The school offers short and comprehensive, high-quality and state-authorized post-secundary part-time courses in management at ISCED Level 4/EQF Level 5. Our students want to make new career opportunities accessible, increase their occupational mobility, secure their current employment, or return to work after parental leave.

As an international management school, its instructors are world-class professors and lecturers from top-rated business schools from all over the world. As an online academy, OSM offers maximum flexibility in terms of time and location to carry out studies in parallel to a job or being a parent. The curriculum is set up broadly and allows for individualized prioritization.

As an open management academy, it is our priority to combine excellence in customer-, service-, and quality orientation with reasonable tuition fees.

Further Information

Stefanie Geske
Open School of Management
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